Why Dexef


Dexef's software is based on a unique database created by SQL Server and is characterized by many things

  • very high speed data processing
  • SQL Server language is free and this does not cost customers additional costs
  • Save and restore backups to ensure data is maintained when any problaem occurs in the operating system

Data Security

our customer are keen to secure their data to be not available to anyone who uses the program and this is provided by all Dexef programs with all accuracy

  • auto back up from database
  • ability of connect between server of database and another devices
  • Each user logs on database by username and password and have permissions by administrator

Monthly updates

Due to differences between companies in management and this require modifications or additions to program and all this available by Dexef

  • working on customer requests and issuing at last of each month
  • analyze leed customer requests to be added to the program before contracting
  • Issuing an annual update for all programs including the most important additions to the program during the year

Business Progress

detailed and a total report about work flow help you make right decisions and this is what Dexef programs provide professionally

  • Ability to create reports with specific factors
  • more than 600 detailed and total reports give an integrated view of company
  • All reports can be printed or exported to many formats and extensions TXT,PDF,HTML,XLSX,MHT,RTF,XLS,CSV,JPEG,NPG

Easy Customization

All Dexef programs are flexiable with customer requests

  • Designing and printing barcodes in more than one way
  • Default designs for invoices with the possibility to modify them or create new designs
  • Add company data (name, work area, logo, email, telephone numbers)