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100 reasons to choose a dexef accounting program

1 The databases are designed using SQL Server, which can handle more than 200,000 processes per second. Making dealing with the required speed with data is normal

2 Automatically save databases with a specified time limit or specify a save with each program shutdown and save a backup copy to Google Drive to avoid any problems with your device and easy retrieval of this data at any time

3 The program supports multiple languages where you can change between 8 languages namely Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese

4 Use more than one currency in the same invoice where the program supports multiple currencies and automatically update the exchange rates and compare them with international prices

5 The most important features of Dexef programs are working on a network and there are 3 ways:

  • The program supports the work on the branches and you can extract all the reports of each branch separately, in addition to the extraction of reports on the overall company and compare the movements of branches each other
  • Online: This method places a server on all branches and transfers data to it immediately after it occurs
  • Reblication: This method makes the server on each branch separately and in the case of interruption of the Internet branch is functioning normally and after the availability of the Internet the program sends data to the main server

6 Update Online where you receive a message as soon as the program opens with new updates to upgrade to the latest releases

7 The possibility of running programs on all Windows systems

8 You can install the program as soon as it is downloaded from our site without the need for any help programs

9 The flexibility and simplicity of program design and the ability to change menus and place shortcuts for them can enable you to start using the program within one hour

10 The program is able to import large quantities of items, their stocks and prices through the files easily

11 The possibility of establishing infinite infinite branches of the accounting guide

12 Automatic restrictions for all operations

13 Use the Drill Down property for documents

14 Control the tasks of each person through the powers of users and specify each screen in the program with the identification of 5 properties you can give to the user (add - edit - delete - print - see)

15 Link store and employee alerts to highlight users who can show these alerts to them

And much more

16 The possibility of designing an infinite number of reports

17 Export reports for more than 8 extensions including (XLSX-XLS-PDF-RTF-MHT)

18 Capital turnover and profitability

19 The possibility of determining all types of taxes dealt with by the company and dividing them according to customers or categories with the possibility of determining the special taxes on expenses and revenues

20 Track reports through Android Apps

21 A full documentary course divided according to the company's needs

22 The possibility of calculating currency differences

23 Having a list of favorite linens to make it easier to use the program and quickly access the required screen

24 The possibility of printing documents of more than one type

25 The existence of reports in the form of charts showing the financial position of the establishment

26 You can modify the Layout for any document during the show or hide the columns to be printed as desired

27 The user name and process time appear across all screens to assess user performance and punish the offender

28 The existence of an important report that collects the deficiencies of all categories and the possibility of converting them directly into a purchase order

29 The possibility of linking the warehouse, sales, purchasing and production module through the documentary cycle, loading the orders and ordering to the invoices and orders

30 The possibility of creating manual accounting restrictions for any process


Keep inventory simple and away from any complications.

31 The possibility of creating an infinite tree directory for varieties

32 Multiple stores on each branch

33 Multiple units of measurement for each class whether homogeneous or heterogeneous or by the equation of units of measurement

34 Multiple buying and selling prices per unit of measurement

35 Possibility to add pictures of items

36 4 طرق لتقييم المخزون ( FIFO - LIFO - Average - Fixed Price)

37 Possibility to collect more than one item in a group category to benefit from marketing offers

38 Easy tracking of stock balances according to each unit of measurement

39 Write the name of the item in 8 languages

40 · Easy design of infinite number of barcode items

41 Possibility to change the prices of all items at once via price equations

42 Distribute taxes on the items and determine if they are exempt from tax or have a VAT tax

43 The possibility of placing discounts applied to the items during the purchase or sale

44 There are 7 types of products according to the nature of each company

45 Easy to track warranty period for serial items

46 Set special alerts for validity dates

47 Easy to define barcode reader on the program by setting its own settings

48 Quota and investigate the fairness in distribution to customers

49 Pricing of items by currency

50 The possibility of extracting specific quantities of items and their calculation of Zakah

51 Specify places to store items

52 Easy to set up free items in invoices

53 Possibility to adjust inventory balances during inventory settlement

54 Put more than one conception to classify the items according to the groups to which they belong or to place a sequential coding

55 Easy to know the minimum and maximum number of items within the stores through alerts items

56 Synchronization between branches

57 Search feature in more than one way between branches

58 Easy to fill an alternate category for another item during the invoices

59 The possibility of decoding and assembling the items

60 Different reports to illustrate the profits of the items


Turn your financial transactions into easy-to-handle statistics.

61 Flexibility to modify the accounting manual or to scan and re-create its contents

62 Directory of cost centers and calculation of the expected cost

63 Multiple payment methods and support creation of more than one safe

64 Create daily automatic restrictions for all operations

65 The balance of the audit and the four financial statements

66 Complete follow-up of fixed assets and depreciation account

67 Consolidating banks by adding more than one bank account

68 Track letters of guarantee, initial and final letters of maintenance and advance payments

69 Use of simple and compound accounting limitations

70 Strengthening the Shareholding Program (Equity)

71 List of cash expenditures that contribute to the recognition of the financial conditions of the company

72 General Budget:Report showing the financial status of the establishment

73 Calculation of the initial cost of the import process (L / C)

74 Full Documentary Course

75 Closing lists for cost centers

Different sections and multiple features

Details make excellence
76 Create a special directory for banks

77 Full checks cycle

78 Confirmation of checks

79 Bank transfers

80 Bank reconciliation statement

81 Debt Reconstruction Reports

82 Customer Review Balance

83 Discount and add-on alerts

84 Credit limits for customers and suppliers

85 Documentary course for sales and procurement

86 Specify the due date of the forward invoices

87 Detailed account statement for each customer and supplier

88 A special tax form for each country and adjustable

89 Download orders for buy or sell from quotations or purchase orders

90 Offers for customers and suppliers to expedite the payment process

91 Full staff structure

92 Full module for attendance and departure

93 Finger Print

94 Incentives and sanctions

95 financial affairs